Personal Learning Network

A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a way of mapping connections that you have to find answers, learn new things, contribute your own ideas and collaborate to create new and exciting opportunities. It also maps the online resources that you use to accomplish these tasks. Often these connections are made through social media. These social networks provide tremendous opportunities for teachers to enhance their professional development by networking with each other beyond the boundaries of a school, town or even country.

Logo: got PLN? I started mine with #unietdIn this course we network via Twitter with the use of #unietd hashtag. Thanks to that current students, graduates, and other people interested in the educational use of the technology can network and learn from each other.


Curating is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The intention of this experience is for you to:

This assignment aligns with:

These activities engage skills found in thes unit of the Google Educator Level 1 Training Connection:


This Personal Learning Network assignment will involve you in strengthening or building a professional branch of your PLN and examining its growth over the semester. You will work on this assignment all semester long. The exercise of growing PLN will be documented in a form of a google slides presenation. Follow all the steps and keep an eye of the course schedule to successfully complete the assignment requirements:

  1. Create Pre-map
    iconographic of the concept mapA concept map of your Personal Learning Network may be not be complex because it is your initial opportunity to consider these networks. Your map should show what media you use to share information, ask questions, bookmark useful links, how you connect to experts in the field, etc.
    You may take a look at the PLNs created by students in previous semesters (use them as an inspiration not a strict guideline)
  2. Building Connections
    During the semester, you will be challenged to expand your Personal Learning Network with at least 5 various resources/connections that you have discovered/created. Following are just a few ideas and examples to get you started:
  3. Create Documentation
    However you expand your PLN this semester, make sure to document the situation. For each new PLN connection create a short narrative with link to the resource and the visual examples (screenshots, certificates, video recordings ect). You can use the following prompts to reflect and organize your PLN expansion:

All activities should positively represent you as a pre-service teacher

4. Create Post-map and Reflections
Towards the end of the semester, you will be asked to consider your PLN again. You will expand your initial PLN map to include all of the new professional learning resources that you found/created/established. You will then use your documentation to write a narrative talking about the growth of your PLN and how you will use it in your professional life.

Rules for PLN:


Submit the URL to google slides documenting your PLN in the eLearning assignment submission box. Make sure your slideshow is public. Copy and paste the address to avoid errors.

Point Structure (80 points)

Criteria Points Possible
PLN Pre-Map 10
PLN Post-Map and Reflection on growth 20


narrative that describes what you did to expand your PLN over the semester.

  • at least 5 resources/connections that you discovered/created.
  • links to each of these resources.
  • the visual examples collected by taking the screenshots, or attaching the files documenting your PLN interactions

All activities positively represent you as a pre-service teacher

Accurate spelling and grammar throughout (up to 10%)
Correct URLs included (10%)

Special Notes